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About us

Physical therapy clinic "Jezdic" was established as a result of over a decade of educational and working experience not just in Belgrade, Serbia, but overseas, first at Louisiana State University, and five years of professional practice in New York City, at Recovery Physical Therapy, PC.

Our main goal is to cover the majority of population who might need physical therapy services.From children, to recreational and professional athletes, to elderly people.

The main purpose is to accomplish the optimum level of functionality for all our clients with the help of well trained physical therapist. In this manner, Physical Therapy Clinic " Jezdic" is proud to present to you the superior methods of manual therapy and the world known tehnology imported from the US.

Our clinic is specialized in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation for:
  • traumatic injuries (fractures, work related accidents, recreational sport injuries)
  • rheumatic conditions
  • professional sport injuries
Sasa Jezdic (visi fizioterapeut & sportski terapuet)

Saša Jezdić

physical therapist & athletic trainer

Graduated from Higher Medicine School in Belgrade in 1998, department for physical therapy, as well as form Louisiana State University in 2004, department of Kinesiology, curiculum for athletic training.

Sasa started as PT for ACUTENS, private physical therapy clinic located in Belgrade - Serbia. He continued his education at Lousiana State University in 2000, but continued working as a part of the sports medicine team of Athletic trainers at LSU, for the following 4 years. After graduation, he moved to New York City, where he worked with Recovery Physical Therapy P.C. -, as certified athletic trainer (ATC).

Sasa Jezdic is curently Licenced physical therapist in Serbia, and Licenced athletic trainer in the United States.

Sasa Jezdic worked not just with athletes in the last decade, but with people of various background from the financial and banking world in New York City.


  • Therapeutic modalities
    electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, heat therapy, cold laser
  • Manual therapeutic techniques
    joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, flexibility
  • Strength training techniques
    resistance training, plyometric exercises, strengthening the kinetic chain
All the above methods are used to reduce the pain and swelling, improve muscle strength, range of motion, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

What makes us different

Physical therapy clinic "Jezdic", operates with three basic principles that make us different form others in the same field:
    Every patient gets the maximum attention from us at their scheduled time and without waiting.

  • ONE on ONE
    All patients get to be evaluated by our physical therapist Sasa Jezdic, "ONE on ONE" only. Sasa works with one patient at a time, which makes your visit to our clinic the most superior experience you can get.

    Almost 70% of the treatment our physical therapist keeps his hands on you, performing soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, or simply taking you through the exercise programs designed individually for each patient. This traditional style is result of almost a decade of experience working in the United States.

The first visit

All patients must have a prescription for physical therapy, prescribed by a doctor.

If you do not have a prescription, our clinic can help you schedule a doctor's appointment.

During your first visit to Physical therapy clinic "Jezdic" we will perform the initial evaluation. At this time, we will assess your current limitations, history and exacerbating features of your injury, and devise an individual plan to address them.

Please bring comfortable clothing with you. If you are being seen for a hip or a knee problem, please bring shorts to allow the area to be properly visualized. If you are to be seen for your shoulder please bring a t-shirt or a tank top.

All visits last one hour.


Physical therapy clinic "Jezdic" is located at
Vojvode Milenka 20A, 1st floor,
near the US embassy in Belgrade.

We are loacated near the station
of the City Bus routes:
23,37,44,52,53,56,58,74,40 and 41.



Contact us

Saša Jezdić
physical therapist & athletic trainer

Vojvode Milenka 20A, 1st floor
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
+381 11 268 58 09
+381 65 44 66 902

mon-fri: 08-20h
saturday: 09-15h
sunday and holidays: as needed

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